FASD Day Replay

9th September 2016  

Niamh, Liam and Jordan, three of the thousands of young people growing up today with FASD (foetal alcohol spectrum disorder).  9 September*, FASD Day, is their day and this year, their message to pregnant mums is simple, Your baby is too young to drink. 

(9th September has been chosen as FASD Day as it is the 9th day of the 9th month representing the 9 months of pregnancy when avoiding of alcohol is recommended as the healthiest choice for baby and mum; and it removes all risk of baby being born affected by FASD. )

YOU can still help us share this clear message and prevent more babies being born affected by FASD; click on the relevant link below to get involved.

You can ORDER the new posters, leaflets and banners by clicking here.

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  • This year almost 30 MPs signed up to support The FASD Trust's campaign.
  • 16 MPs met the midwives at their local hospital.
  • A motion was raised in the Scottish Parliament commending the work of The FASD Trust
  • Numerous articles appeared in the press, on TV and on radio
  • Thank you to everyone who raised funds for The FASD Trust
  • For a full run down of events look at our social media sites:
  • For media enquiries, please email Allen Moxham at allen@spiritlevel.info









Bringing Hope to those affected by FASD