About Us
The FASD Trust was started in January 2007 in response to the growing number of requests for information being received by the adoptive parents of a child diagnosed as having FASD (Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders). 


The FASD Trust exists as a charity to raise awareness of FASD thereby;

  • Improving the understanding of those with FASD and;
  • Increasing the support that those with FASD and their families / carers receive, not just from statutory bodies, but from the wider community. 
  • Preventing others being born with FASD.

It aims to do this by:

  • Running support groups for those affected by FASD and their parents / carers / wider family.
  • Providing a variety of resources to support families affected.
  • Hosting professional forums (Medical & Healthcare; Social Work; Education) and local Professional Special Interest Groups.
  • Informing local and national decision makers to ensure provision for those with FASD.
  • Collaborating with others.

And Who Are We?


We currently have three Trustees (Mr David See (Chair); Mrs Yvette Noble; Dr Nigel Bowles) but are actively looking to recruit more. If you would be interested in exploring further the possibility of being a Trustee, please contact the office in the first instance at admin@fasdtrust.co.uk.

Trustees meet about 5 or 6 times a year and oversee our finances, policies, legal compliance and general structure and vision.

Simon & Julia Brown, our Joint Chief Executive Officers,  also attends these meetings and other staff members as appropriate. 

PATRON:  Mary Louise Chandler

Head Office Team


Simon & Julia Brown, Joint CEO's of The FASD Trust, are the co-founders of the Trust.


Simon & Julia lead the National & Head Office team. They have 3 adopted children, two of whom are affected by FASD. They have also fostered children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Prior to running The FASD Trust, they both held a variety of administration and HR posts in both the private and charitable sectors.

Diane Kashrabi, National Link Group Co-ordinator.

Theresa Rees, Book-keeper / Accounts

Neil Butani-Dawes, Summer 2016 Intern

We also have a network of volunteers across the UK who assist us by hosting / running support groups and other activities.

Bringing Hope to those affected by FASD